On our latest drive on the Turquoise Trail, closer to the Santa Fe side, we noticed a sign we had not seen before for a park. We decided to take the road, which wound around through the town of Cerrillos until we saw a sign for Cerrillos Hills State Park.

Entrance to Cerrillos Hills State Park

It was later in the day, and very honestly, we were tired as we had been at Sandia Peak earlier in the day. We decided though that we wanted to explore this hidden gem while we were in the area.

A Little About Cerrillos Hills State Park

The drive into Cerrillos Hills State Park is probably about a mile in length to the end, which interestingly, had a sign for an Airbnb. The terrain is mountainous and rocky, and is beautiful in its own way, offering rock formations and hills, as well as washes. According to their website, it was once an area with volcanic activity millions of years ago.

View at Cerrillos Hills State Park

While we got out and explored a little, we did not do any hiking that day and have no knowledge of trails in the park. I am sure that if you walk to the top of a hill, you will see scenic views of the mountain ranges in the area.

The Noon Analemma Sundial

One thing we did notice was a sculpture which is a Noon Analemma Sundial, or Solar Calendar. According to their website, the sculpture is called a Noon Analemma because it is derived from the path of the noontime solar spot throughout the year. It was fashioned after other sundials in the southwest.  

Noon Analemma Sundial at Cerrillos Hills State Park
Sign with Explanation About Noon Analemma Sundial

Cerrillos Hills State Park is a hidden jewel, located right along the Turquoise Trail, and offers a chance to be in nature, hike a little or just relax for a little while from the bustle of life. If you are traveling along the Turquoise Trail, it is a great place to stop and visit for a while.

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