A favorite place to visit when in the heart of Santa Fe is 109 East Palace. Across from the Santa Fe Plaza, and now a shop with different southwestern decorations, is a plaque and the building where Robert Oppenheimer once had an office.

Plaque at 109 East Palace in downtown Santa Fe

I could not help but notice that the woman who owned the shop seemed well informed about the building and the happenings of this era in our history. There is a store nearby that sells related books such as American Prometheus.

109 East Palace

109 East Palace served as the meeting place where researchers, scientists, physicists, and others of importance who were part of the Manhattan Project met before moving on to the Los Alamos laboratory, where the atomic bomb was developed during the 1940’s. You can read a little about Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project here.

To help preserve the historical significance of 109 East Palace and its role in the Manhattan Project, this building still stands as a testament to the role and secrecy involved in this project.

A Visit to 109 East Palace

The plaque and exterior of the building are easily viewed while walking the downtown Santa Fe area. This building is a remnant of our past history and the scientific efforts that happened during World War II.

Good to Know

There are restrooms in the museum located at the Palace of the Governors located nearby and across the Santa Fe Plaza in the La Fonda Hotel. There is parking available along the streets as well as in designated parking lots.

In Conclusion

109 East Palace is located in the heart of Santa Fe and within walking distance to the Palace of the Governors, artistic shops, and many other places of interest. 109 East Palace may not be for everyone; however, it is a part of our history. We hope you will visit it if inspired to do so when in the Santa Fe area.

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